This is the largest facility of this kind in the region. It consists of the swimming-pool section, divided into the sports and recreational parts and and the spa area. Apart from the sports swimming-pool, which is 25 m in length and 21 m in width and a shallow pool for swimming instruction, the aqua park has a recreational pool of various shapes with attractions such as a lazy river, underwater massage loungers, water massage, massage gets, water cascade, geysers, water mushrooms and jacuzzi. A family slide and several water tube slides should provide more emotion. For the youngest there is a wading pool fitted with a water mushroom and hedgehog. Additionally, the pool area features a dry sauna and steam room.

The spa area of the facility offers sports and recreational gyms, biological renewal studios, dry saunas, steam and infrared rooms and a salt grotto.

Automobilklub Suwalski [Suwałki Automobile Club]

An association with several dozen of members that belongs to the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association. Automobile Club organizes master-class events and its members take part in car rallies, karting and motorcycle races in Poland and abroad. The club has the following active sections: road traffic safety, karting, cars, historic vehicles and motorcycle sections. The members of our club and non-members can use the kart and motorcycle track.

Kart and motorcycle track
Football pitches and tennis courts

In Suwałki, two multifunctional „Orlik” sports facilities operate, as well as basketball, volleyball and handball fields. These are mostly open facilities with tarmac surface. Moreover, the city has thirteen tennis courts, eight tarmac courts, and the remaining five are clay courts, including the one at. Wojska Polskiego 17, with crushed brick surface.

Basketball courts
  • ul. Szpitalna 66
  • ul. E. Młynarskiego – behind the “Biedronka” market
  • ul. Świerkowa – behind the library
  • ul. Modrzewiowa – by the residential estate
  • ul. Kamena – by the saint Albert parish
  • ul. Sejneńska – by the school complex no. 4
  • ul. W. Witosa – opposite the fire brigade
  • ul. I. Daszyńskiego – in the center of the housing estate
  • ul. Wojska Polskiego – by the athletics stadium
  • +48 87 566 41 87
Volleyball courts
Handball court
Orlik sports fields:
  • ul. Szpitalna 66
  • ul. K. Hamerszmita 11
Tennis courts

Arkadia Center

It is the favourite sports and recreational center of the Suwałki residents situated by the Arkadia reservoir. It includes the municipal beach, guarded in the summer holiday period with the surrounding jetties, playground, volleyball and beach football pitches, outdoor gym, kayak and pedalo hire, and a café. A biking/strolling path runs around the reservoir.

Sports hall featuring a climbing wall

It is one of the most modern sports halls in the Podlaskie Voivodship. The hall has the usable area of 3.300 m² and 460 seats for spectators. The facility offers a 9-meter climbing wall. The complex also includes a state-of-the-art gym, sauna and a swimming pool.


A bowling club with eight professional lanes is situated on the last floor of the Suwałki Plaza shopping centre. You can play billiards nearby. A multitude of attractions await the youngest ones in the kids’ play park.

Fantasy Park in Suwałki Plaza
Skating rink

Operates everyday from November to March by the Primary School no. 11, ul. Szpitalna 66. The ice rink has an artificial surface area measuring 20 meters by 30 meters. It is well lit and your skating is accompanied by some nice music. There is an ice-skate rental operating at the skating rink.

A Suwałki local ice-hockey team, “Polar Bears”, regularly trains there.

Skating rink, Primary School no. 11
Model making

Aeromodelling classes are offered by the model making section of the Suwałki Centre for Sport and Leisure. This is the section that has many achievements in their record. Its beginnings reach back to the post-war times and among the Suwałki’s model-makers there have been some world champions.

Model-making section of the Suwałki Centre for Sport and Leisure
Winter swimming

Winter swimming enthusiasts from Suwałki promote healthy lifestyle consisting in conditioning of the body, especially through all-year-round swimming. The group meets each Sunday on the beach in Krzywe and by the Arkadia reservoir in Suwałki.

Winter Swimming Enthusiasts Association „BOBRY”
Nordic walking

It is a sport for everyone, conceived by Finnish scientists and athletes. To summarize it as briefly as possible, it is an active march that consists in pushing oneself off the pavement with specially designed poles. It is crucial to master the marching technique, since only this way all the muscle areas are engaged. It is a perfect form of workout for people of all ages, also for people with disabilities and health problems. The sport has no limitations as to the weather. Both the paths in Suwałki and forest tracks outside the city are perfect for Nordic walking.

Nordic walking classes are held by the Miejskie Towarzystwo Krzewienia Kultury Fizycznej [Municipal Association for Promoting Physical Activity] in Suwałki .

Miejskie Towarzystwo Krzewienia Kultury Fizycznej
Sailing clubs

Sailing Section of the Suwałki Centre for Sport and Leisure

The Sailing section offers trainings in sailing and ice yachting in various classes (Optmist, Cadet, iceboats). The centre has sailing boats and other water equipment that can be used in the waters of Arkadia reservoir. The second office is located in Stary Folwark.

Sailing section in the Sailing Centre by the Arkadia reservoir
Sailing Section in Ośrodek Wypoczynkowo-Żeglarski [Sailing and Leisure Centre] in Stary Folwark
over Wigry Lake, Stary Folwark 55 D
Swimming pools

In Suwałki there are two indoor swimming pools, offering both individual leisure and organized classes for children, youth and adults. The swimming pools are the following sizes: 25 by 12 meters and depth from 1.10 m.

Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji [Centre for Sports and Leisure]
Primary School no. 10
Outdoor gyms

Several outdoor gyms are waiting for those who like to keep fit and would like to improve their physical strength. The largest one, by the Arkadia reservoir, was created by Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji [Sport and Leisure Centre]. The people ready to work out can make use of the following equipment: rowing machine, orbitrek, twister, pendulum, foot press, pulldown machine and bench press.

Six fresh air gyms have also been constructed by Suwalska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa. The training equipment is situated in the playgrounds of the Suwałki housing estates: at J. Korczaka, A. W. Kowalskiego, W. Andersa, Klonowa streets, by Utrata and the so-called Kaczy Dołek, at F. Chopina street.

All the gyms in Suwałki are monitored and the equipment has instructions for use attached.

Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji [Centre for Sports and Leisure]
Suwałki Housing Co-operative [Suwalska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa ]

Within the Suwałki area there are two skateparks intended for skating and skateboarding. They are open all year round.

Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji [Centre for Sports and Leisure]
by the Primary School no. 7
Athletics stadium

Featuring a 400 m tartan racetrack and inner turf. The stadium is fitted with high-jump and long-jump tracks, hammer and discus throwing cages and seats for about 300 spectators. The stadium houses also a football training field and tennis courts.

Athletics Stadium of the Sport and Leisure Centre
Football stadium

The facility, open throughout the year, comprises a lit football field with heated turf, two training pitches and multifunction field for footballers and tourists. The grandstand may accommodate up to three and a half thousand spectators. 910 seats are under roof. There is a hotel, uitility building and eurocamping by the stadium.

Football stadium of the Sport and Leisure Centre
Shooting range

The Klub Strzelecki LOK [Shooting Club] „Wigry”. Invited are all those who would not only like to learn shooting, but also broaden their knowledge of the topic

Klub Strzelecki LOK [Shooting Club] „WIGRY”
Suwalska Szkoła Lotnicza [Suwałki Aviation School]

The aviation aficionados from Suwałki have taken the quotation from the film „Wniebowzięci” by Andrzej Kondratiuk as their motto: „A man must fly from time to time”.

The Suwałki Aviation School is run by the association that in 2010 replaced the Suwalski Aeroklub [Suwałki Aeroclub] that had been operating since 1986. The school has its own sport airfield with two grass runways. It organizes aeroplane, paragliding, flex-wing trike and glider trainings. You can obtain a pilot license for the above flying machines. Tourists can also take part in a sightseeing flight over the Suwałki region.

Suwalska Szkoła Lotnicza
Bike and strolling paths

The city has over 35 km of foot and bike paths. The most attractive route runs along T. Kościuszki street and the Czarna Hańcza river as well as around the Arkadia reservoir.

The pedestrian and biker promenaded along the river and around the reservoir is a perfect place for active relaxation near the water. It is also worth to go on foot or by bike throught the urban paths: along gen. K. Pułaski St. and M. Reja St. and the one which runs along the streets: Sejneńska, Filipowska, I. Krasickiego and 1 Maja.

Bikes can be rent at Tourist Information Center and Centre for Sports and Leisure.

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej